NYC 42nd Street explosion in Cleveland (movie set scene)

An Alien invasion that will soon be seen in a theater near you happened near 4:30PM on a prop 42nd Street in a fake New York City street as it was blown up on the first day of filming on the movie set ‘The Avengers’ in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The fans were kept far away and on rooftops just to catch the one and only take on the set that showed NYC cabs and cars been blown literally in the air near Grand Central Market! The actors ran away from what will be aliens according to the crew members that luckily leaked a bit of the story as Captain America will then save the day. Chris Evans, will be digitally added to the scene and was spotted doing a scene on the same street earlier in the day before it was blown up! The movie is also shooting scenes at the real Grand Central at the same time in the NYC area to go along with the film schedule.