Brad Pitt Shoots World War Z in UK

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is in the seaside town of Falmouth in
Cornwall, UK where he’s filming scenes for his zombie movie World War Z.

Feeling the pinch of a cold British summer
morning, Brad appeared wrapped up on board the yellow SD Salmoor where most of
the filming is taking place. The admiralty salvage vessel was covered in wax
and fake icicles plus a hoard of locals that were signed up as extras.

A source speaking to the local newspaper
Falmouth Packet said that Brad got the extras psyched up for war as well as distributed
sandwiches for everyone. His choice of flavour? Pork.

The crew set sail to a nearby location and
returned banging weapons and hollering for the camera.

So remember, in future zombie wars all it takes
is a pork sandwich to get you going.