Lindsay Lohan’s Late Night Stumble

Lindsay Lohan

For once, we’re going to give Lindsay Lohan the benefit of the doubt and blame her fall outside the club on the millions of cameras flashing in her face.

Covering her eyes as she made her way to the car…

It’s possible that Lilo just didn’t see the curb in front of her before she slipped.

Because stuff like that happens all the time, right??

Spending her first night of freedom at a bar in Hollywood, we’ll admit, we can see why the whole thing looks a little suspect.  

Exiting the Lexington Social Club with celebrity pals like Emile Hirsch, the star steadied herself on a wall…

A friend….

And even a car door.  

With the smudge from her ankle-monitoring bracelet still visible, it’s possible that after thirty-five days under house arrest, Lohan has forgotten how to handle the walk of fame.  

Because if we’ve learned anything at all, when it comes to Lohan…

Anything is possible.