Simon Cowell Gives X Factor Judges Botox

Eva Mendes

Simon Cowell reportedly gave his fellow X Factor judges thank you presents that consisted of $5,000 Botox vouchers.

The 51-year-old music mogul gave
the gifts out as the ITV talent show came to a spectacular end. Walsh,
58, was reportedly ‘delighted’ with his gift while Minogue, 39, and
Cole, 27, were not so happy.

A source told the UK’s newspaper
Daily Mirror: “Simon found the whole thing hilarious. He wanted to give
the judges a token of his appreciation for working so hard on this
series, but given they can all buy themselves pretty much anything they
want, decided to opt for a joke gift.

“Louis has spoken openly about
his previous facelift, and he and Simon call the girls ‘parading
peacocks’, teasing them mercilessly about their preening ways.

“Louis said he’d book himself in
immediately, but Cheryl and Dannii found the whole thing far from
amusing. They gave Simon a good clip around the ear.”