Mischa Barton: I’m Not Crazy

Eva Mendes

Mischa Barton peeks her head out to let everyone know…

She’s not crazy.

The OC
star, who was hospitalized last summer under California’s involuntary psychiatric-hold law 5150, attributes her alleged breakdown to complications from having her wisdom teeth taken out, explaining that she went to the hospital for the pain and got into a fight with a nurse after they tried to give her medication intravenously.  

“I am terrified of needles and they wanted to pump me full of drugs and I said, ‘No, absolutely not. I don’t want to be here,’ and that led to my 5150.  Part of me wishes those things had never happened in the public eye. I wish I could have been perfect.”

Well, duh!

Although…really…we don’t think anyone…not even Hollywood…expects perfection…

Or do they?

Either way, Barton is moving on recently announcing her plans to launch an inexpensive clothing line for women.  

Get back on that horse Marissa Cooper!