Angelina Jolie Talks Kids And Domesticity

Eva Mendes

You’d be surprised to know just exactly who is showing her up when it comes to those domestic duties at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s house.

Posing for some stunning pictures for Vogue magazine, Angelina admits in an interview with the magazine that she is terrible in the kitchen, and that her six-year-old son Pax’s culinary skills far surpass her own.

Not that the other children mind.

According to Angie, her oldest son Maddox encourages his famous ma when she makes breakfast telling her “Good job!” even though he
knows she’s not the sharpest knife in the utensil drawer.

The mom of six actually credits her first with being incredibly aware of her feelings…

Which we guess explains the “Good job!”

And opens up about how her tomboy daughter Shiloh found a dead bird once and wanted to keep it as a pet.

To which mom suggested, get one from a taxidermist instead.

Oh…to be a fly on the wall.