Lindsay Lohan’s Mint Mix-Up

Eva Mendes

Not much has been going Lindsay Lohan’s way lately but for once, she might have caught a break.

According to a leaked report from the Santa Monica Police department obtained by TMZ concerning Lohan’s 2007 DUI arrest, the Mean Girl escaped a lengthy jail term when an officer mistook cocaine found in her pocket for a breath mint.

In the report, the officer states that he discovered a folded Clinique sun care card with an unknown substance caked on to the surface in the right rear pocket of Lindsay’s pants.

Thinking the white powder was a crushed or wet mint, the card was thrown in the trash.

After a few minutes, the officer put two and two together, retrieved the card as well as some of the powder that fell on the floor, and filed them as evidence.

But the evidence was deemed contaminated and Lohan well, she got off with only eighty-four minutes behind bars.